Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holiday nail colors!!

October is over, which meaaaaans.......HOLIDAY SEASON BEGINS!!!
In excitement for the holiday festivities I have decided to share my favorite holiday nail colors with you guys! Unfortunately I use my sister's nail polish a lot when she's home therefore she has most of the good colors but I do still have favorites from my own collection!  In this post I'll be showing you my own as well as ones from Essie .

Dating a Royal - OPI $8.50
A dark, royal blue color

From A To Z-urich - OPI $8.50
A burgundy/red color

60 Seconds Vinyl Shine in 606 Dazzle - Rimmel London
A metallic/sparkly gold color

Sombre Overcast UNIQUE - Love&Beauty by Forever21 $3.80
A very pale grey color with a hint of shimmer

I also have two favorites that I got in a kit by The Color Institute-Deluxe Nail Salon, one is sparkly silver and one is black with shimmer, but I'm not sure what they're called and I'm pretty sure you can't buy them anymore/separately so I tried to find similar ones on Essie instead!! (better quality too!)
Sparkly silver dupe
Pure Pearlfection
Silver Bullions
Black with shimmer dupe
Set in Stones

I really like Essie's winter 2013 collection as well
Winter 2013 Collection

And here are some of the separate nail polishes that I love for this holiday season!!
Twin Sweater Set - crimson red
Scarlett O'Hara - dark ruby red
Leading Lady - deep red with glitter
Toggle To The Top - sparkling crushed garnet red
Shearling Darling - rich, ebony red
After Sex - a sultry pearlescent burgundy

Vested Interest - cool grey teal
Stylenomics - a wealthy, rich and opulent dark green

Parka Perfect - serenely shimmering alpine gray

Blanc - French manicure white


So these are just a few of my favorites and some that I would LOVE to try out.  I would have linked some to the OPI website but unfortunately it's not working for me for some reason but I do love Essie so that's okay.
Be sure to check out these colors and also explore around Essie and OPI

What are YOUR favorite holiday nail colors?!