Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: NYC Liquid Eyeliner

I had never tried a liquid liner before purchasing this one.  I chose this one because I've always heard good things about NYC and I wanted a cheap one to try.  I've never been very good with eyeliner because I don't wear it very often and normally if I choose to wear something like it, I'll just wet an angle brush and use eye shadow. I always think that liquid liner will run/smudge really easily so I never liked the thought of that, but when I first tried it, it lasted through A LOT of HEAT (it get's really hot at my work).  I was quite surprised to see how well it stayed on.  The only downside that I've found is that the applicator is a tad thick, I mean maybe it's just me but I find it super hard to make a thin line with this applicator.  Other than that, I really do love that it lasts a long time and it also comes in a very small tube which makes it super convenient to bring around.  IT'S ALSO ONLY $2.97!!!!

Let me know what your go to liquid eyeliner is!!

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