Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bourjois Fresh, Rested Complexion Foundation Review

Firs I wanted to apologize for my lack of posts lately!!  My laptop broke and so I've been forced to use other desktops.  BUT I'M BACK!  I had always hear good things about Bourjois cosmetics but I never bought anything from their collection because it is quite expensive PLUS it's harder to find in Canada.  I finally decided to splurge on two of their products, I talked about the Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in Peach on the Beach in my Summer Favorites post.  Today I'm talking about the Fresh, Rested Complexion Foundation in Beige Clair 73. 

To start this off I just wanted to let you all know that this foundation smells SO GOOD, I love love love the sent it gives off.  It sort of makes me think of soap which is kind of strange but it really does smell amazing.  The bottle says that it's supposed to give a 10 hour sleep effect and honestly that's the only reason why I bought it but it actually does do that, it makes me look so awake in the mornings and gives me a nice healthy glow.  It's definitely not thick which is really good, it sort of feels like it's been run down with water but it really is super light weight so it's great for acne prone skin like mine.  I'd say it has about a medium coverage so I like to cover up my blemishes with a tiny tiny bit of a foundation that has more coverage (only on blemishes, NOT my entire face).  I will then pump the foundation out ONCE on the back of my hand and use my Smashbox foundation brush to apply it all over my face.  Any excess foundation on the back of your hand can be use under the eyes to brighten up those dark circles.  The bottle also says that it's oil free and that it's a vitamin E, F, B5 and mineral-enriched formula.

Overall am absolutely IN LOVE with this product.  The only down side to this is that it's $26, but honestly it's totally worth it.  Really amazing product, I'm so glad I finally gave it try, you all should too!!!

What's your favorite Bourjois product??


  1. This sounds really impressive, might just have to try some! Thanks for the review xxx

  2. I have this foundation and I really like it - although I find that with all of the bourjois foundations I have used, they tend to cling to drier areas on me :( x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness