Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY: Lighten your hair

Seeing as it's the summer time, the sun tends to lighten hair.  So instead of going to dye my hair lighter once again, I as a blonde, like to help the sun out a little bit in order to get my hair even lighter in a much quicker and very easy way!  All you need is half a lemon, a lemon strainer and, if you'd like, a cooking brush.

Start off by cutting a lemon in half and using your lemon strainer to get all of the juice out.
Next you'll need to get your hair wet. (This step is easiest if you have a pool, just jump on in!  If you don't have a pool, using a hose or even the kitchen sink will work just fine!)
Now it's time to put the juice in your hair!  I find it easiest to apply by using a cooking brush in order to get the juice right onto my roots.  Afterwards, I'll pour the left over juice all over my head and tussle my hair around to make sure it hits every spot! (You can always skip the brush and go straight to pouring, it's completely up to you!)
After you apply all the lemon juice to your hair, sit out in the sun and let it work its magic! (Make sure to wear sunscreen during this step.)

Another great thing about putting lemon in your hair is that once you shower and rinse it all out, your hair will feel incredibly soft!!!
**Unfortunately I don't know how this will work/if this will work on brunettes.

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