Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lip obsessed!!!

My sister and I went to Walmart a few days ago and got a couple of different products.  Today we'll be focusing on the lip products that we picked up!  My sister and I each got a Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick.  I also got two different lip stains, the first is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Honey 001 and the second is Hard Candy All Glossed Up hydrating lip stain in Chic.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Candy 002 and Pink Blush 006 - $4.98 each
Candy is more of a frosty/shiny light pink whereas Pink Blush is more of a matte bright pink.  These two lipsticks are absolutely beautiful colors!  The downside is that they don't last long AT ALL.  The application isn't the greatest either, it makes your lips feel a tad dry therefore I don't see myself purchasing another lipstick from this line anytime soon.  I also find that they smell really bad and I don't want to be smelling that during the day but my sister seems to think they taste good once it's been applied on your lips so if you like lipsticks that "taste good" then try it out! (Although I find MAC lipsticks taste much better)  I think the best part about this lipstick is that it's very inexpensive so if you desperately need a cheap lipstick then this is probably the way to go.  This one comes in 18 different colors.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Honey 001 - $8.46
This lip product has been raved about all over the internet so when I saw it I decided that I had to try it out and see if what everyone says about it is true.  I tried this one last night and I'm already loving it!!  This color would normally be a little too dark for my liking but it's actually a very pretty nude/dark pinkish color.  It's super hydrating, it goes on so smoothly and it LASTS!!!!  It didn't fade whatsoever when I wore it and I love that because I hate having to reapply lipstick all the time.  Also it smells really minty and fresh so that's definitely a plus!!  I recommend everyone go out and buy this product, it's totally worth it.  This one comes in 12 different colors.

Hard Candy All Glossed Up hydrating lip stain in Chic - $4.98
I have yet to try this one out but if it's anything like the Revlon lip stain I know I'll love it!  I tried the color our on my hand and it looks to be more of a nude pink shade with a hint of orange in it.  It's super pretty but I don't know how I'm going to feel about it on me so we'll see about that one.  It definitely seems to glide on smoothly so hopefully that means it will be hydrating as well!  I'm super excited to try this one out to see if it lasts and how the color actually looks.  This one comes in 8 different colors.

Let us know what other lip products we should try!!

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