Thursday, July 18, 2013

Newest addition!!

Seeing as my sister was the one who got me to do this, we decided that she should make some beauty posts every now and then of her own!  Her name is Josee, she's 21 and she's recently been getting more and more into makeup!  We've both been looking online at a bunch of different makeup and she recently ordered some products from Sephora so be sure to keep a look out for her reviews on those once they come in!!  In case you haven't read my about me page, I'll inform you that most of our products will be DRUGSTORE (Shoppers Drug Mart or Walmart) products.  Some times we may have more high end products such as Sephora or MAC products, but for the most part it will be totally affordable drugstore stuff!!  So remember, keep a look out for posts by Josee!

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